• Tips for Problem Free Gambling

    Set a Limit: on how much time and money you will spend and stick to it.

    Learn: how the games work and how much they cost to play.

    Balance: gambling with other leisure activities.

    If you gamble and spend more time and money than you can afford, a good strategy is to take a break and look at your gambling. Consider seeking help if this is a concern. Call the Problem Gambling Helpline, Toll-Free, Confidential, 24/7 at 1-888-789-7777 or to access the problem gambling live chat visit www.problemgambling.org

    Low Risk Gambling Is Done:
    As a form of recreation, not to make money or make up for previous losses.
    With limits on time, frequency, and duration.
    In a social setting with others, not alone.
    With money you can afford to lose.

    High Risk Gambling Situations Are When:
    Coping with grief, loneliness, anger, or depression.
    Under financial pressure and stress.
    Recovering from mental health or substance use disorders.
    Using alcohol or other drugs.
    Under legal age to gamble.

    More information visit DMHAS Problem Gambling Prevention